In the summer of 2002 I was approached by a church member about producing television programs for cable television. The thought of producing television programs had crossed my mind briefly from time to time but having previously been in a ministry dedicated to this type of media, I knew the incredible costs involved, and so these thoughts wouldn’t last long. I knew that it would take a tremendous amount of energy and money to start such an endeavor. I was thinking as a man!

The member continued to ask me from time to time about television. I shared with the brother that it would take a tremendous amount of money just to start such an endeavor because we were starting from scratch and needed facilities and equipment. His reply baffled me. He said that we didn’t need equipment or facilities for it has been provided!

“It has?”, I asked. He said, “yes.” He then informed me that he had produced programs for his former church at his local cable access company for free! “For free?” I exclaimed. He said, “YES!” I was stunned. All I had to do was purchase tapes, show up and give messages of truth. WOW!!! Isn’t that exactly how the Lord works beloved?

When the Lord opened the door for television, we were blank as to the name for it. As we prayed that the Lord would give us  the name he desired for this evangelism project, He reminded me of the web site domain name He had me reserve a year earlier. It happens that as we were setting up our church and ministry web sites, the Lord had me reserve the domain name '' I really didn’t know why, and I had forgotten all about it until He reminded me while in prayer. It turns out that the website name was reserved in February 2002 and we started television production in February 2003, exactly one year later. Amazing how the Lord works!

'The Bible Only' is currently being broadcast on cable access television in Michigan and Indiana (times and stations listed below). It is a one hour program in a sermon format. If you would like a truth-filled program broadcast in your area, we would like to help. Please contact us and give us the name of your cable company. Who knows, with your help the truth may be broadcast in your area for free too!~ pastor Joel Laswell